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Speaking of cancer, we will have a lingering fear in the medical condition is so advanced today, though not incurable cancer, but also seriously endanger people’s health. Long-term radiotherapy people in pain, high cost of treatment but also to ordinary people difficult to bear.

        Now the treatment of cancer, mainly in Western medicine-based radiation therapy, but radiation therapy has great side effects in killing cancer cells, but also damage the body’s healthy cells, leading to low immunity. Neither did it have side effects, but also anti-cancer effect of the drug do? Experts said patients in the traditional western medicine, while you can eat Dendrobium with adjuvant therapy.

        To fight against cancer, we must first improve immune cell function, improve immunity only to fight against invading cancer cells. The human body T cells, of NK cells and macrophages are the main force to fight cancer cells, and dendrobium Dendrobium Multi rich can be increased T cell, of NK cells and macrophages immunity, T cells is particularly evident . So long-term use Dendrobium, cancer has a good therapeutic effect.

        Studies show that 100 cancer patients for taking Dendrobium 100 days, there are 82 Wei laboratory indicators have a more marked improvement seen Dendrobium anti-cancer effect is very significant. Now many medical institutions will also Dendrobium as a very important anti-cancer drugs used in the clinical treatment of cancer patients, and have achieved very good results, it has been much praised for cancer patients.
Dendrobium and should be served with ginseng
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that ginseng can improve the body’s resistance to disease, qi Yin, heat fluid, hypertension, high cholesterol, inhibit cancer cell growth, the effect is significant. Dendrobium function Stomach Yin, Sheng Jin, clinical studies show that Dendrobium cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy and disability allowance Jin Yin Deficiency due thirsty to drink, diabetes prevention, dry tongue and throat, constipation and other really efficacious . Two flavor compatibility of diet tea, with obvious Yin and Yang Wei, Sheng Jin cough effectiveness, stomach heat Yin Concurrent stomatitis leukemia patients have a better effect of adjuvant therapy, it is particularly suitable for young children and elderly patients with leukemia, the following kinds of usage is more appropriate to take home.
1, dendrobium ginseng tea
Ingredients: 5 grams American ginseng, Dendrobium 30 grams.
Method: first American ginseng sorting complex, washed, dried, or dried, cut into slices, put in a large container and set aside. The Dendrobium sorting complex, washed, dried, cut into pieces, into the casserole, add enough water, boil, simmer low heat and cook for 30 minutes, filtered with a clean gauze, to the residue, filtered juice poured into a collection there are American ginseng slices into a container, cover and boring 15 minutes, and serve.
Efficacy: Yin and Yang Wei, with lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, prevention of diabetes, Sheng Jin cough. This applies to the actual situation of stomach yin heat Concurrent stomatitis patients with leukemia.
2, ancient Jiantang
Washed and chopped or broken beat wok, add water to the mixture gently boiling for 30 minutes, put 1-2 grams of American ginseng and cook for 30 minutes, and can be repeated boiling, and even food residue. Modern famous doctor Zhang Xi-chun said: “Dendrobium most durable fry, fry should be split to give Jervis.”
Effects: tonic yin, clearing heat.
Best Health Methods: American ginseng, Dendrobium, the proportion of 1 to 2 grinding to a fine powder, sooner or later, warm direct, blunt, every 6 to 9 grams a day 1-2 times.
3, American ginseng Dendrobium superfine powder tablets
       Dendrobium Ginseng superfine powder tablets, ultra-low temperature ultrafine grinding technology in a low temperature environment to ensure that the case is not destroyed the efficacy of medicines, the use of ultrafine grinding technology, so to maximize the efficacy of herbs release, greatly improving the efficacy of the product each batch of products in one hundred thousand evolutionary workshop production, each batch of products are subject to monitoring authorities, to ensure the health and safety of products!
Health Function: qi and stomach, Yin affectionate, lowering blood sugar!
Dosage: 2 times a day, every two, sooner or later, warm water!