About Cordyceps


cordycepsCordyceps sinensis is a rare Chinese folk usual tonic herbs , and ginseng, deer horn and tonic par for the three Chinese. Cordyceps nutrients higher than ginseng, can be used as medicine, also edible, food is superior, with high nutritional value. Cordyceps can enhance the body’s immune system, nourishing lung and kidney, lung cancer, liver cancer significantly inhibited. In clinical lung deficiency chronic cough, asthma, tuberculosis hemoptysis, night sweats, kidney waist and knee pain, impotence, neurasthenia and chemotherapy, radiotherapy erythrocytes have decreased efficacy. From the terms of the origin of different Cordyceps origin, quality is also very different, better Cordyceps are generally produced in Nagqu, Ding Qing, Yushu, with an average elevation of 4,000 meters in the alpine zone, habitat class, called the Pure Land, so these three are the origin of the world recognized the top area of origin Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps Church and Parkson are all taken from here.

Selection Guide

1, true and false identification

cordyceps1Cordyceps buy this expensive supplements, everyone first thing to consider is how to buy authentic Cordyceps. Especially for the first time people buy Cordyceps, Cordyceps lack a basic understanding. Pharmacists to introduce several methods to identify true and false Cordyceps.

Color genuine Cordyceps look into “worms” and “grass” in two parts, “worm” surface dark yellow to light yellow-brown, grass and insects in the binding site, the majority of the worm will be a degree of color change . “Grass” that is part of the child seat is rendered dry twigs color, darker color.

See genuine Cordyceps shape ventral foot 8 pairs, located in the middle of the four pairs of worm is very obvious. Child seat from birth to worms head, the upper slightly swollen. Long and up to 4 ~ 7cm, diameter of about 0.3cm.

See section genuine Cordyceps break apart and obvious lines, Cordyceps middle of a similar “V” shaped black core, and some may also be a black spot. This is actually a black core insect digestive line.

Genuine smell the smell of rotting worms Cordyceps slightly with dried Xingsao doped with mushroom flavor and aroma, which is Cordyceps unique taste.

According to the above 4 points, which can be differentiating genuine Cordyceps have a basic understanding.

2, origin identification

Cordyceps difference between different areas is relatively large. Tibet’s Nagqu, Qamdo Cordyceps and Qinghai Yushu, Golog Cordyceps is the highest quality, the price is also the most expensive. Therefore, many unscrupulous businessmen often to impersonate other origin Cordyceps Cordyceps Qinghai – Tibet Region, to sell shoddy. Both the origin of Cordyceps compared to other origin has the following characteristics:

(1) Nagqu Cordyceps slightly yellow color in Yushu Cordyceps. Tibet’s Nagqu Cordyceps parasite surface color most yellow net, relatively Yushu Cordyceps was brown. Other origin Cordyceps color or light, or reddish and gray. In addition, the production of Naqu Cordyceps eye color is brown, Golog and Yushu in Qinghai Cordyceps produced eye color is yellow, Sichuan and other areas of grass produced more grass red or dark brown.

(2) of the same size to tap Cordyceps Nagqu, therefore, the same specifications Yushu Cordyceps Cordyceps looks firmer, Nagqu Cordyceps will become more hypertrophy of some parasites.

(3) Naqu Cordyceps parasites and tail are translucent oily, with shares concentrated butter flavor, there is a strong smell of Qinghai Cordyceps mushroom flavor category, other origin Cordyceps scent is very light.

(4) Sichuan Aba , Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and other places also produce Cordyceps. Inferior quality of their products, Qinghai, Tibet Cordyceps yield. Overall, Sichuan Cordyceps sinensis fleshy hard, darker color, bitter taste, Cordyceps

eyes dark brown.According to ancient literature, “Materia Medica re” History of Ancient Sichuan Jiading House by the middle Cordyceps best. Of course, this may also be able to ancient geographical restrictions caused.

From the origin: Chinese caterpillar fungus Cordyceps into Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet Cordyceps. Qinghai, Tibet Cordyceps yield quality, body fat, plump, golden yellow surface color, child seat short; Sichuan Cordyceps parasite yield relatively thin, the surface color is dark yellow brown, child seat longer. Quality second.

3, the quality of identification

From the number (size) on: per kg in the market in general the number of how many of the Cordyceps is divided into several levels. That is the number the less, the greater the head, the more quality, more expensive price. Such as 1600 / kg 2000 / kg 2500 / kg 3000 / kg, the EC and other goods.
From the dry and wet level (water) on: “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” clearly states: “Unless otherwise specified, usually not more than Pieces moisture of 13%.” That is, the water Cordyceps controlled within 13% of it is appropriate. Businesses in order to reduce losses, increase in weight, moisture content market circulation of Cordyceps are generally higher. When you want to buy Cordyceps to touch the hardness of the worm. As the worm is relatively soft, can slightly curved surface color deep, wet feeling, indicating Cordyceps quit, large water content; parasites such as stiffness, surface color light, dry, indicating moderate degree of wet and dry Cordyceps can reach into ninety-five dry.

From cleanliness: Cordyceps see whether the surface impurities


. Cordyceps parasite surface color is dark yellow to yellow-brown, red-brown head, ring clear and obvious, indicating Cordyceps pure. As the worm-like fibrous membrane surface skin, parasites or dull colors, ring or head pins and sub-mount junction enlargement, mud wrapped head, invisible red-brown head, indicating Cordyceps surface adhered impurity doping weight gain.

From Integrity: Cordyceps a complete, full fat better. Cordyceps market circulation, after some mixed with broken interspersed with a bamboo stick, matchstick stitching together of Chinese caterpillar fungus, careful observation of the parasite surface stitching traces of some parasites is not one butt splicing unnatural. Worms thin flat, hollow Cordyceps, indicating nutrients lost time harvest the worm has been consumed, unfit for use.
In summary, the Cordyceps source to positive body dry , intact, clean, body bar large, golden color, full fat, child seat short better.

Highest domestic medicinal value of Cordyceps produced in Tibet’s Nagqu, Qamdo and Yushu, Golog this several origin, the origin of these noodle at an altitude of 3000-4000, as well as anti-cancer natural Cordyceps natural amino acids highest. As a brand, domestic brands are two of the best Cordyceps Church and Parkson Beijing Tong Ren Tang, the two brands of Nagqu Cordyceps produced in Tibet and Qinghai Yushu. If holiday gifts, more appropriate selection of Beijing Tongrentang, beautiful packaging, the price is correspondingly much more expensive; if it is to use their own family, the Church of the selected Parkson Cordyceps relatively affordable price.

4, should pay attention to buy Cordyceps

(1) is not equal to Cordyceps sinensis

Some consumers buy Cordyceps, Cordyceps first concept is not clear, some businesses will play trademarks Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus in fact unequal Cordyceps, Cordyceps is a simple call for large-scale, Cordyceps is a specific tonic product title, explanation is made up from academic Hypocrea mesh serpentine serpentine families Cordyceps Cordyceps sinensis fungus parasitic on alpine meadow soil in the bat moth larvae, larval body rigid, and under appropriate conditions, by the summer cadaver head long rod to sink birth of the child seat is formed. The range Cordyceps is very substantial, and there are sub-Thwaites, Liangshan Cordyceps, Cordyceps Xinjiang, etc., so when consumers buy must pay attention to distinguish between the two in which the concept should not be confused.

(2) to understand the meaning of Cordyceps

Many consumers in the purchase of businesses will see played trademarks Cordyceps often these products are a lot cheaper than Cordyceps sinensis, of course, also on the effectiveness of a lot worse than Cordyceps sinensis. Cordyceps is just a cultivated Cordyceps sinensis fungus, such as common are Cordyceps, Cordyceps is spent, they just use vague conceptual, some consumers will be deceived. Some unscrupulous businessmen will even use the word “bat moth Paecilomyces” as Cordyceps to selling, so that consumers are more difficult to distinguish. Of course, as long as attention at the time of purchase of these conceptual differences, there would be no problem.

(3) How to distinguish between true and false Cordyceps

We understand the correct meaning of the concept after Cordyceps may not be able to buy authentic Cordyceps sinensis. Some unscrupulous traders will also be used to impersonate the fake Cordyceps sinensis, such as a most difficult to distinguish sub Thwaites is the most common false Cordyceps. At the time of purchase we need to recognize the main features of Cordyceps sinensis, a close look at the head of half a centimeter color if there are significant changes (more yellow number) to see whether the apparent Cordyceps intermediate 4 feet, with the tail hook, and the color changes (hook color close to the head changes color), the color of the child seat withered like sweet potato vine, change is caused by coarse to fine sharpened. So long as careful observation is very easy to distinguish their features, of course, choose a regular business with the channel that is the most important, you do not have to worry about buying fake Cordyceps.

(4) Note that some common scams

When buying Cordyceps We also need to recognize some common trick, though some of Cordyceps sinensis is true, but some businesses using illegal means to make Cordyceps weight gain, often to earn a lot of money. Among these tricks among them in Cordyceps to wear as the wire to increase the weight, you need to look closely at the time of purchase, an injection mineral powder to add weight, eat such Cordyceps body is very harmful, the metal powder coated Cordyceps eyes increase in weight caused by mud up the illusion. To effectively identify these tricks, of course, you need to select formal businesses and channels.

(5) How to choose a regular business

Choose a regular business is in fact consumers to buy Cordyceps most in need of attention, in general, we buy Cordyceps channel is mainly the store and shop, and the shop is a lot of friends to select channels. When we choose the shop in addition to choose Taobao business, as well as independent mall business, whether it is the first to observe that our qualification of its shop are complete, whether there is a formal customer service line, whether there is a certain sell Cordyceps history, of course, choose the store, then also you need to refer to the above content.

    Eat effect

      1, the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis (data from medieval pharmacopoeia)

[Sexual flavor and Meridian] Gan, Ping. In the lungs, kidney.

【Functions and Indications Bushenyifei, bleeding phlegm. For kidney essence deficiency, impotence and nocturnal emission, waist and knee pain, cough and asthma, labor cough hemoptysis.
[Usage and dosage] 3 ~ 9g.
[Storage] Store in cool, dry place, moth.

      2, the pharmacological effects of Cordyceps

Cordyceps has a variety of pharmacological effects, are summarized as follows:
2.1 pairs of the role of the circulatory system
(1) the role of the heart
Cordyceps has a negative frequency, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, improve myocardial ischemia, anti-platelet aggregation and anti-arrhythmic effects. Cordyceps alcohol extract on acute viral myocarditis has protective effects.
(2) the role of the blood system
Cordyceps thrombocytopenia and platelet ultrastructure injury significantly protective effect right, right pentobarbital sodium anesthesia have significant antihypertensive effect. Cordyceps water extract has a strong expansion of coronary artery and coronary flow increased functionality. Cordyceps extract can promote platelet aggregation and play a role in hemostasis, its alcohol extract can inhibit thrombosis.
2.2 The role of the respiratory system
Cordyceps can significantly enhance the bronchodilating effects of adrenaline, regulate bronchial smooth muscle, relieve chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease and other symptoms, delaying the time to relapse. Meanwhile cordycepin for lung infections caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis has a strong inhibitory and killing effect, and Cordyceps acid and Cordyceps polysaccharide has been able to repair the damaged alveolar cells.
2.3 Role of the Immune System
It includes the following:
(1) on the humoral immune function increase or decrease of two-way adjustment;
(2) may enhance macrophage phagocytic function, improve immune function;
(3) by promoting the biosynthesis of spleen DNA, increasing the content of nucleic acids and proteins, promoting lymphocyte proliferation and affect the weight of immune organs;

(4) so that the natural killer cell activity increased, thus play an important role in anti-cancer, anti-viral infection.

2.4 Role of the digestive system

The liver is an important human digestive gland secretion organs, blood, detoxification, the conversion of fat and so played an extremely important role, Cordyceps effect on the digestive system to the liver mainly in the range of protection and control .

(1) Cordyceps can improve liver function, reduce inflammatory cell infiltration of the liver and liver cell degeneration and necrosis, Cordyceps have a stronger role in promoting liver cell repair.

(2) Cordyceps Polysaccharide Liposomes (CPL) CCl4 on liver tissue injury has a protective effect;

(3) an aqueous solution of Cordyceps sinensis can inhibit liver fat – storing cell proliferation, but also inhibit fat storage in liver cells into myofibroblasts and fibroblasts.


      3, Cordyceps consumption method

3.1 boils water for tea

Cordyceps should not be soaked in water to drink, but should boil water to drink, cook winter worm correct approach is to add water, about a cup of Cordyceps sinensis, simmer for ten minutes, and then immediately pour the water to drink, then add boiled ten minutes , pour out after drinking, plus boiled, add boiled so repeatedly, until Cordyceps boiled out of the water fades.

3.2 and meat stew to eat

Cordyceps stew out of the taste is very Mianxiang, the Cordyceps eat meat stew is the most appropriate, but it must be noted that not Cordyceps stewed too long, so easy to make Cordyceps nutrition lost out, the general Cordyceps stew for half an hour is the most appropriate, but with a different meat stew Cordyceps sinensis, its health effects are also different. Folklore, in 1764, Emperor Qianlong 53 years of age committed dizziness lumbago, eat the palace physician prescribed and the feeling is not ideal. One day, he happened to Shen minions and talking about his physical condition. Shen and certainly will not miss this opportunity to please the Emperor Qianlong, and put their own pay good doctor referral to civil Qianlong. Doctor to Emperor Qianlong put the clock back, opened the following prescription: Cordyceps, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, black chicken, Qianlong Yi Yan continuous use. A year later, the Qianlong body recovery ever, not only dizziness, back pain and other symptoms disappeared without a trace, but also feel the energy surge. Qianlong big odd, and asked why the doctor alone shamisen medicine physician who solves problems. The doctor said that credit was undoubtedly taken from Tibet, Cordyceps sinensis, kidney essence, the essence kidney damage, lung and kidney Cordyceps supplement, Yijing gas, the justifications for weakness and loss. Cordyceps is a set of health, care and treatment in one of the delicacies. It can not only kidney, but also taking the long delay aging. Qianlong that Cordyceps have such benefits, you and your son in Zaishi master, to enjoy life.

     Here are some common Cordyceps recipe:

(1) —– female lamb stew Cordyceps BREE nourishing beauty recipes

[Formula] 10 grams of Cordyceps, artillery Tianxiong 10 grams, Cistanche 10 grams, 100 grams of lamb, ginger 2.

[Effect] This soup can cure dark circles, dizziness and floaters.

[Production] lamb open pot of water and cook for 5 minutes, washed out, Cordyceps sinensis, artillery Tianxiong, Cistanche were washed with water, all materials into the steaming pot, add water, cover, simmer for 3 hours under salt seasoning food.

(2) Cordyceps stewed quail —- HEALTH Diet

[Formula] 10 grams of Cordyceps, quail 8, 10 grams of ginger, light blue 10 grams, pepper 2 grams, 5 grams of salt, 300 grams of chicken soup.

[Method] Cordyceps out the gray debris, soaked with liquor, wash; quail after slaughter, Lek net blood with warm water (70 ℃) hot through, to hair, internal organs and claws (from the back of the dig dig gutted), then put a little boiled for 1 minute, remove and let cool in the boiling water; onion cut; ginger slices. Each quail into the abdominal Cordyceps 2 to 3, 8 grams of Cordyceps in eight parts discharged.Then by using only wire wrapped tightly into the Zhongzi, chicken soup and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, poured into Zhongzi with wet tissue paper seal, cage steam for 40 minutes.

[Effect] up blood, benefits kidney, only cough. For women’s health.

(3) Cordyceps plastic flower stew pigeon —– women nourishing beauty food.

[Formula] 10 grams of Cordyceps, a pigeon, plastic flowers 30 grams, (also known as fish maw maw, is removed from the belly of the fishmaw , dried incision is made.) Ginger one.

[Effect] blood tonic for the disease after weakness, dizziness, women, vaginal discharge and so on.

[Production] pigeon to the hair, wash ,, Cordyceps, ginger, washed, Maw soaked hair, washed and shredded, all materials put into the stew container, add water, a little wine, cover, ranch 3 hours, seasoning for use.

(4) Cordyceps duck —– Compendium of Materia Medica Supplements

[Materials] a male duck Cordyceps 5 to 10, the amount of onion salt

[Production] male duck to hair and viscera, washed, placed in casserole or aluminum pan; then put Cordyceps and salt, ginger, onions and other spices, add water, simmer over low heat stew, Shulan (or duck into the abdominal Cordyceps, set tile pot, add some water, ranch cooked, seasoning take).

[Usage] adorned with food.

[Effect] tonic yang. Jiubingtixu, anemia, spontaneous cold extremities, sweating, impotence embolism.

(5) Cordyceps fungus stewed turtle —– anti-cancer diet

[Material]: Cordyceps 40 grams, white-backed fungus 20 grams, 16 grams yam, medlar 16 grams, a little fine salt, ginger one, jujube 2, a turtle, lean pork 120 grams.

[Production]: picking a live turtle, drop it into the pot, add hot water to drain urine, cuts clean ,, yam and medlar soaked with water, washed clean, spare. White-backed fungus soaked with water, so that hair open , clean, spare. Ginger, jujube were washed with water clean, scrape ginger ginger skin , cut one; red dates set aside. Lean pork, washed with water clean, along with all of the above materials into the steaming pot, add appropriate amount of cold water, cover with lid slow cooker, into the pot, stew for about four hours, with a little fine salt seasoning, and serve.

[Effect]: This stew There spleen appetizers, nourishing the liver and kidney, the blood Sanjie role. Fit body tonic, soups AIDS and not greasy, not dry up, the most appropriate size Zuoshan a drink. Also suitable for bone cancer patients.

(6) Chinese caterpillar fungus chicken soup —– BNI

[Materials] Cordyceps 5 grams, a silky, ginseng , epimedium , astragalus , TCS 10 grams, 50 grams of mushrooms, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, rice wine, onions, ginger, salt, MSG the right amount.

[Practice] ginseng, epimedium, astragalus, TCS into gauze bags, soaked in water 60 minutes; mushrooms, cordyceps soak wash. The black-bone chicken slaughter, to hair, internal organs clean. Wuji first scalded with boiling water a few minutes before the pot, in addition to smell .The above flavor put together in the casserole, add rice wine, onions, ginger, simmer and cook for 2 hours to pick Irazu, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning.

(7) Cordyceps White and porridge:

[Materials] Cordyceps 6 grams of white and 10 grams, 50 grams of rice. Two drug research to fine, add rice boiled into a gruel, add sugar and Yaomo when nearly cooked rice, cooked rice and cook until thick porridge.

[Effect] The parties to the Cordyceps supplement lung and kidney, bleeding phlegm, white and convergence bleeding. For consumptive cough, sputum little throat, hemoptysis.

(8) Cordyceps ginseng wine:

[Materials] Cordyceps, ginseng the same amount. Soaked in wine. Each drink a small cup.

[Effect] The parties to the Cordyceps kidney yang, ginseng added strength strong yang. For lack of vitality, kidney impotence.

(9) Cordyceps lean meat porridge

[Materials] Cordyceps 10 grams of lean pork (sliced) 50 grams, 100 grams of millet. First Cordyceps cloth, and millet, lean pork together into the casserole, add boiling water until cooked porridge.

[Effect] this porridge with lungs ney, spermatogenic qi, qi and asthma effect, cough labor cough for lung and kidney deficiency, spontaneous sweating, impotence and nocturnal emission, waist and knee pain, but also as the elderly health food products. 1 day, graded for human consumption, continuous consumption demand side will take effect.

Bufei best way of eating : the CS and teal duck stew with cooked into a Chinese caterpillar fungus, Cordyceps or stew and lung. Kidney best way of eating: Paojiu Cordyceps, Cordyceps wine do drugs cited, very useful role to play efficacy and kidney, the effect is not only faster and better, you can also use or porcine kidney Yang Shen, together with Cordyceps stew.

3.3 taking broken ground

Ultrafine grinding technology called micro-level cell technology is emerging in recent years on the international high-tech Chinese medicine processing, it is breaking move, herbs Cordyceps cell wall (membrane) so that medicinal powder particle size of 5-10μm (traditional processing the powder particle size 150-200μm), so that the active ingredient to maximize the release, which can further enhance the efficacy of medicines.

Superfine powder technology is a purely physical process, the process of crushing herbs without any chemical changes do not change the efficacy of the material basis of medicine itself, does not result in a change of Chinese herbal medicines Indications.

4, suitable for people

Cordyceps suitable for cancer, diabetes, lupus, chronic nephritis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, cough, shortness of breath, virtual breath and hemoptysis leukopenia, weakness, sweating, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, weakness after illness , long illness no longer frail or aging, insufficient kidney, waist and knee pain, impotence emission consumption.

Cordyceps taking taboo

1, taking the taboo

(1) is not suitable for everyone to eat Cordyceps :: baby, fever (acute febrile patients), taking the women’s menstrual period taboo; body heat of people, hypertensive stroke patients, and cancer patients during radiotherapy should not be used or should be used with caution ; internal bleeding (such as hemoptysis, blood in the stool, etc.), cerebral hemorrhage people should not eat, patients with rheumatoid arthritis should take reductions, there is real fire, or the winner of evil do not eat.

(2) Avoid eating large or small amount of Cordyceps: Cordyceps sinensis is essentially a blind Chinese medicine, long-term use can enhance human immunity anti-fatigue, along with other medicines to treat human weakness and loss. However, if you eat less each time, and from time to time taking, in fact, it had no effect. Cordyceps is not like Western medicine, a short time can feel the effect of it in the human body needs a process of accumulation, long enough to take in order to see results. Conversely, if the amount of food too much, the body can not absorb all, it is a waste. Scientific intake is 3-5 grams per day, for taking 30-180 days, will be able to play an effective role in the conditioning of Cordyceps sinensis. Conditional case should always take, long-term use.

(3) eat raw Cordyceps try not to avoid: Cordyceps grows in grassland soil, surface parasitic numerous, can not tell the fungus spores and parasites live eggs during excavation, even boiling water can not completely kill fungal spores and eggs are eaten raw or let alone taking labeled powder, so the first to wash Cordyceps stew or decoction, more conducive to the body to absorb.

(4) Cordyceps Do not eat moldy: Because improper storage, causing moldy Cordyceps do not recommend taking.

2, eat Cordyceps precautions

(1) In order to prevent the loss of its active ingredients, preferably washed with cold water. Special attention is absolutely not use boiling water.

(2) in the stew, pot, cook, preferably with a special sand pot, casserole, enamel or aluminum pan can also be used, ceramic utensils, absolutely can not use copper, iron, tin and other equipment, so as not to affect the efficacy.

(3) stewing, boiling water when cooking must use clean tap water, well water, spring water is best.

(4) Usually not before boiling with Wu Huo after boiling simmer, boil, cook time is generally 10-20 minutes after boiling the water, mountains, high efficacy of wild Cordyceps, Chinese caterpillar fungus can also finish it, then boil again.

(5) The best evening or early in the evening taking in the elderly is best taken before meals, especially in the morning fasting clothes, conducive to the absorption of nourishing ingredients.

Cordyceps culture

Related history

Cordyceps is a senior nourishing precious traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps folk history of the earlier application. Only contained in Wu Yi Luo (1757), “the new Materia Medica” in mind:. “Cordyceps Sichuan Jiading House produced the best produced in Yunnan, Guizhou, followed by the winter in the soil, such as the old who live silkworm, hairy active to the hair out of the summer, Baby all into the grass. ” Again, he said: “Cordyceps lung and kidney, bleeding phlegm, cough …… has been valued as folk tonic bird’s nest , like.” Later, herbal medicine are included. Cordyceps herbs as output abroad early, mid-Qing Dynasty (1723), the French procurement Bala Nan China Cordyceps taken to Paris, then taken to London by the British.


Pu Cordyceps write poetry

Not only full of talent Pu wrote touching “Strange”, but also proficient in medical knowledge, some of the traditional Chinese medicine research. Pu in the country do when school teachers, often to the people to see a doctor, he wrote a poem medicine:

Cordyceps descriptors real change is generated through the stretch.

One could object and animals and plants, the physical world is infinite faith.

He wrote a poem of precious Chinese medicine Cordyceps sinensis “One could object and animal and plant” features.